Accountability Quiz - The correct answers

1. There is no preset list of countries. Any project in any country, as long as it is World Bank financed, is eligible.

2. It only takes two persons, potentially or actually impacted by a World-Bank funded project, for the complaint to be eligible, other criteria fulfilled

3. The complaint has to be issued by at least two persons living in the project-affected area. As a consequence, an international NGO not based in the project-affecte area cannot produce an eligible complaint, all other criteria fulfilled.

4. The complaints can only lead to an in-depth field investigation if World Bank's Board approves the said investigation, based on Management"s response and on Panel's report. As a consequence, no, not all complaints result in an in-depth Panel field investigation.

5. The Panel was created in 1993, and thus celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2018.

6. As of december 2018, The Panel had received about 130 complaints. The right answer is "between 100 and 150".

7. The plaintiffs are absolutely not required to quote World Bank's operational policies, let alone spell them out. The plaintiffs need to specify what drives them to suffer or fear to suffer from impacts of the World Bank funded project in plain language.

8. Gender-based violence (abuses, rapes) are a valid cause for complaint as they are part of the - worst forms of - social impacts of any project, in this case of World Bank funded activities

9. World Bank Management gets much more, in most cases, than a slap on the wrist. Especially for cases where an Inspection Panel field investigation uis authorized by the Board, at the end of the process, Management, willingly or not, has to produce a genuine plan of action to make the project compliant again with World Bank policies and procedures.

10. In many cases, the Plan of action developed by Management and approved by the Board includes the obligation for Management to report periodically to the Board which can, at its discretion, exert pressure to put the Plan of action on track or accelerate its implementation.


Warning: this draft quiz has been designed and produced by Jean-Roger Mercier, creator and manager of CyberOustal, under his sole responsibility. Neither the questions nor the answers have been validated by World Bank's Inspection Panel. The Panel bears no responsibility on the correctness and utilization of this quiz.